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How to Make Money at 18 years 

How to Make Money at 18 years 


How to make money at 18 years old might be what you search frequently online. Thankfully, you have found it. This text will expose to you many ways to make money even at 18 years. Just keep scrolling down the article.


Making money isn’t a difficult task if you are willing to work for it without being lazy. No doubt, you might be in secondary school, higher l classes, or a high institution. But it doesn’t impede you from making your own money. Let me show you how you can make money at 18 years old.


The following are the 7 practical ways to make 18 years.


Start a Side Business

As an 18 year old man who needs to make money, start a side business. Arguably, there are numerous ways to make money with a side business. It’s up to you to select the one you prefer. Many love venturing into selling clothes, accessories, footwear, and many more.


If you are in school, you can take them to school for your colleagues to make their choice. You can make massive sales if you create such awareness among your neighbors. They will always patronize you.


Similarly, you can decide to prepare snacks like egg rolls, meat pie, etc, or even pap or moimoi. Sell them to your neighbors and friends and start making money.


Make Crafts to Sell

Crafting is a very good way to make money even as a student. Undoubtedly, friendship bracelets, beads, keychains, and wall decor can go a long way to fetch you real money. You can decide to sell them online or offline at a decent price.


Many individuals, especially women who love beads, bracelets, etc will always find it pleasing to buy them from you. If you expand your market, make bead necklaces, bangles, bags, print a graphic shirt, etc. Advertise them online. You can choose any social media platform and start making money.

Work at a Local Grocery Store

Due to the number of customers in the grocery store, they are always in need of workers. You can go and send your resume to them and make cool cash. Although the payment might not be much it expands your knowledge and experiences on how to relate to customers. The little money you gain from there is preferable to staying idle. Just be hardworking and come early depending on the scheduled time.



Work at a Restaurant

Aside from grocery stores, the restaurant is another place that always needs an extra hand to assist in wiping tables and doing dishes. At times they make it open by slating on the road “Waiter needed” and many more. At 18, you can offer to assist and get paid. You can be a part-time worker, it doesn’t stop them from paying you. The little token you receive could go a long way to buying a textbook for yourself.


Run Errands

Earn extra money by running errands for your neighbors or by tidying up for an elder. Normally, the errands are not always difficult. It could be watering plants, cleaning homes, washing cars, and many other minor responsibilities. Put a charge rate per hour or day and be consistent. You will make money through it.



Offer Babysitting Services

To a person who loves kids, this job is for you. Making money through your interest. Offer babysitting services and earn extra cash at 18. It might be very funny but many are making money through it. Just locate a place where they might need your services. Maintain a good relationship by doing the job to the best of your knowledge. You can create a business card if you want to.


Become a Writer

Becoming a writer is a very good way to make money at 18. Many companies, brands, and bloggers are looking for writers. Offering those services will be very advantageous. You can choose to be a content writer or a copywriter. Even storytelling can yield money if you are consistent.


Aside from the above-listed ways to make money, below are others you can think of:

Online Survey 


Affiliate Marketing 

Teaching online 

Gig works, etc. 



Bottom Line

We have practically listed how to make money at 18. It doesn’t take much time to make money these days. Just be hardworking and show interest. Remember, if you are a student, don’t quit school. Become a part-time worker. You will still be making money.




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